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Who Can Write My Papers for Me?

This is a common question on college campuses all over the world, and Aussie campuses are no different. Most ask this question because they just do not know where to turn for paper writing that will be legit and professional. A lot of students have tried online writing services and been seriously “burned” by either fraudulent businesses or companies that use foreign and/or amateur writers. The products that they receive cannot be submitted because they are either plagiarized or poorly researched and written. In some cases, a company sets up an online shop, take orders and money, never produces a written word, and then closes down. Later, it opens up under a different name.

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What to Look For

We do like to brag about our online academic writing service – EssayRoo.org. And before you go to any writing company and say “Write my paper for me,” you need to learn what constitutes an expert and reliable writing service. Here are the things you must look for.

  • There should be a physical address for the company. And there should be a telephone number. When you call that phone number, a live person should answer it with the company name. A lot of writing companies use answering services so they can say they are open 24 hours a day. But those people know nothing about the writing industry and cannot even answer your questions. They will just tell you to fill out an order form and take it up with your writer. We called one and asked if they could do a 120-page dissertation in two days, and they said, “yes.” Point made. Essay Roo trains all of its customer support staff and they can answer all of your questions right then and there.
  • Check out the website very carefully. It should be informative and written in proper English. A lot of companies are owned and operated by foreigners who then try to write content for their sites. If they cannot even hire a native English-speaking writer to compose their websites, what do you think you will get if you tell them to, “Write me a paper?” You will get junk.

Essay Roo is a professional company using only verified writers. Australian students can expect nothing but the best from these academic scholars.

  • Look to be certain that the company has written policies. While policies themselves do not mean a company is going to provide the best academic writing, most really amateur services won’t even bother to have them. Be sure to read the policies to understand your rights as a customer if you are not happy with what you receive, and to learn how they will back up their claims of plagiarism-free writing.

At Essay Roo, you will find very detailed policies about our entire process and the rights you have to ask for revisions until you are satisfied. You will also have a guarantee of privacy and the promise of a plagiarism scan report to prove that the product you receive is an original.

  • Make sure that there is some structure in place for you to speak directly with the individual who will be writing your paper. Someone who is a professional, qualified writer will have no problem discussing your order with you. In fact, s/he will welcome such discussion, so that it will be researched and written just as you expect it to be. If you are not able to speak with your writer, the service is not legit.

At Essay Roo, you will always have access to your writer – no exceptions.

  • If you say, “I am in the middle of writing my paper and cannot finish it,” what is the response you get? Will they work with what you already have and improve it, or will they insist upon starting anew? Questionable companies will often insist upon starting over, because they are using a pre-written piece of writing that they are trying to “spin.” Essay Roo will take what you have already done and work with it, improve it, and add to it.
  • Is the service asking for lots of detail about your need or just for the topic and page length? Companies with order forms that do not have detailed form fields for you to complete are not interested in your specific requirements. University instructors can be very picky about the details. Essay Roo understands this and wants you to supply all of the specifics. Furthermore, you have the chance to give more detail to our writer if you have forgotten anything.

What Students Say They Want

  • “If I say, ‘write my paper for me,’ I expect the writer to listen to what I really need. If the writer doesn’t do this, it is a waste of my money.”
  • “My professors are sticklers about their format requirements. I need a writer who will follow those instructions.”
  • “If I pay good money for someone to help me write my paper, I expect it to be original, not some piece of trash that has been ‘lifted’ off the Internet.”
  • “I need a writing service that can meet urgent deadlines, because sometimes I discover at the last minute that I can’t get something finished.”
  • “I want a writing company that will keep working on my paper until I am satisfied with it.”
  • “I should own the paper I pay for. It should never be sold to anyone else, and I need a guarantee of that.”
  • “I need to be able to contact my writer or the company at any time. I may need help in the middle of the night.”

These are all reasonable and legitimate demands, and EssayRoo.org meets them all, and then some.

Why Students in Australia Love Us

We understand what Aussie undergraduate and graduate students need. We get the high writing standards of Australian college and universities. The research, the structure, the tone, the vocabulary and, most important the content will meet the highest standards – we guarantee it.

When students receive papers that Essay Roo creates, they know that only academic professionals wrote them. And they keep coming back, because they know that the highest quality is what they will always get. You can become a satisfied customer of Essay Roo right now. Give us an order for your first paper, and we will convince you.