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Sociology is one of the largest fields of study in the wider field of social science. It relates to people – their values, beliefs, history, religions, behavior, and traditions. It also relates to changes that are occurring in societies as groups of people adapt and sometimes clash with new belief systems and ideas. For example, a typical sociological study might involve that impact of technology on traditional societies in underdeveloped countries. As students consider what might be topics for writing sociology essays, that answer is just about anything.

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Choosing a Topic

The first step in writing your sociology essay is, of course, selecting a topic. Usually, undergraduate students will be provided a general area of study and then allowed to select a topic within that general area. The best advice on choosing a topic is to select one that you have great interest in and/or that you have strong opinions about, because you will be more motivated to attack the assignment.

Thesis and Purpose

Sociology essays are just like any other essays that you write in college. Usually, they all into four categories of purpose:

  1. Explanatory (Expository): This type of essay is factual and usually requires research. You might, for example, prepare an essay on substance abuse by a certain population or group within a society. You will gather factual information and data and write an essay that really does not express an opinion or an argument.
  2. Cause/Effect: This essay type will require that you prove that certain events, circumstances, etc. cause something else or have been caused by something else. For example, what are the causes of bullying among young children? Again, your essay will require research, most likely reading research studies that Ph.D. sociologists have conducted.
  3. Persuasive: In this essay, you will most likely propose a solution to an existing sociological issue and persuade your reader that your solution is the best. You might, for example, argue that the solution to the deplorable conditions in Aboriginal communities lies in more Australian government efforts to improve schools and education in those communities.
  4. Argumentative: This essay will require that you take a stand on a controversial issue and argue your side, while refuting the other side. For example, you might wish to argue that same-sex couples should be allowed to marry throughout Australia, not be relegated only to civil unions.

As you can see, sociology essays are not simple. Most require research and come with high expectations for structure and composition. If you are short on time, or anxious about your writing skills, you can get perfect sociology essay help at Essay

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