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Getting a Cheap Essay that is not Cheap Quality

We have all purchased cheap items that don’t last because of poor quality. In these instances, we have wasted our money. At, we have done the very best to provide low-cost essays without sacrificing quality. We understand student budgets and the need for affordable writing services. We believe that when you compare our prices for the quality you get, you will agree that we are the best online writing company for you and every other Australian student out there.

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How We Do It

First, we do not use amateur or foreign language speaking writers. We employ professional writers who have earned graduate degrees from colleges and universities. Unless we see the official degrees and transcripts, we do not hire.

Second, we keep our overhead costs as low as possible so that we can charge an easy rate to our customers. We do as much as we can remotely, without sacrificing customer support. Our customer support specialists will always be available to answer questions and quote a reasonable price for your essay or paper at all hours of the day or night.

Third, we insist upon only original writing from our staff and hold them to that with a legal contract. They know what they will be paid for each order and agree to that payment when they take the order.

Fourth, we are able to provide writing at fair price because we do a huge volume of business. Because our quality is so high, we have become the largest and most reliable writing service in all of Australia.

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Fifth, we have inexpensive and affordable writing prices because we do not try to rip off students as many others do.

Do Not Confuse Cheap Essay Writing with Cheap Quality

There are some writing companies out there whose cheapest prices may be better than ours. But, if you think carefully about this, you will understand that those prices mean they are not using qualified writers. Our cheap essays are at the lowest possible price, while still being produced by qualified professionals.

How We Price our Essays

When undergraduate or graduate students place orders for essays, papers, or any other academic writing, they give us the details – type of writing, page length, research requirements, academic level, and deadline date. We calculate the price based upon these factors. A basic five-paragraph essay with a 10-ay deadline, for example, will cost far less than a 12-page research paper with an urgent deadline. This is also how we keep our prices down. Everyone is charged according to the specifics of his/her order.

Always an Expert Writer – No Exceptions

Even when an Aussie student orders a basic essay without research, s/he will still receive and expert writer with a degree in the discipline related to the essay topic. A graduate student who needs dissertation writing will pay more, of course, but nothing will be cheaply done. A Ph.D. in the field will be assigned. Both students will have the best qualified writer for the task and the very best price that we can give them.

We Sweeten the Pot with Discounts

In addition to our already reasonable prices, Essay Roo gives first-time customers a nice discount. This is because we want them to experience the quality we give for the reasonable pricing we have. We know that they will be back for more, and the more long-term customers we have, the more we can keep costs down. Returning customers are also eligible for discounts.

Essay writing services that offer prices too cheap to be believed are not legit.. Do not use them. Come to and get custom high quality writing at the cheapest possible price.