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Marketing used to be a relatively straightforward program of study. While it involved many courses, the overall idea was to learn how to plan and implement communication between a company and current and potential customers. Marketers were supposed to develop strategies and tactics that engage and attract customers, so they would buy the product or service a company was offering. So they developed ad campaigns – print, audio for radio, and audio/visual for TV. What has happened since then, of course, is the Internet – that and a smarter market consumer who understands all of the tactics that marketers have traditionally used.

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E-commerce has brought about major changes in marketing, and, likewise, marketing college studies. There is now a whole subset of courses that are related to “content marketing,” strategies that retail businesses use to develop relationships with savvy customers who want to be courted and convinced.

Marketing essay writing for these newer courses can be challenging and will most certainly involve research and analysis. For example, an essay assignment might relate to the contrasting marketing strategies for millennials and baby boomers or to the 4 P’s of marketing in the age of e-commerce.

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