About us


We were founded by a small group of people who had a passion for academic writing and a desire to spread that passion to ESL and ENL students. As time went by and demand for our services kept on growing and growing we began to set up an international network of graduates. We now employ some of the best academic writers in the industry, people with either a masters or a doctorate in their chosen subject, to ensure that the depth of knowledge that they bring to the table goes a bit beyond the “10 minutes on Wikipedia” that some other services seem to offer. With the help of our amazing team we have been able to customise our service to suit the unique needs of people in countries all over the world, going beyond the English speaking students that we began with to include people from just about everywhere.

What can EssayRoo
do for you?

We offer a wide variety of services, ranging from custom essay writing to proofreading and editing but saying that doesn’t really let you know how we do business. From the moment that you place an order with us there is a system in place to make sure that there is always someone being held accountable for it. From receiving your order we select the most appropriate writer or editor to help you move forward. You will then be in direct contact with them until the final product is in your hands but before it leaves us we run everything through multiple layers of quality assurance to ensure that the work is of the highest quality and that there is absolutely no possibility of plagiarism.

So if you need professional help with your academic career, you have come to the right place!