Questions about our orders

What is The History And Purpose Behind EssayRoo?

We are passionate about academics and helping students to succeed. Many of us have previously worked for other writing services. We noticed that most writing services focused solely on the needs of British, Canadian, and American students. Australian students were mostly an afterthought. By creating EssayRoo.com, we have set out to meet the unique needs of students in Australia through our writing services and web content.

What Services do You Offer?

We focus solely on academic writing geared towards university students in Australia. The following is a list of many of our services, but it is by no means exhaustive:


●Research Papers

●Term Papers

●Scholarship Essays

●Admissions Essays

●Academic Articles

●Thesis And Dissertation Work

●Daily Coursework

●Lab Reports

●Tests and Quizzes

●Case Studies

If you don’t see the document that you need on this list, please contact us. We are happy to accommodate any academic writing request.

How do I Place an Order?

There is an order form available on our website. Simply click the link to place an order, and you will be directed to that form. Filling it out is a quick and easy task.  If you are a first time customer, you will have to create an account before you begin. One of our reps can help you along the way if you get stuck.

When Will my Paper be Finished?

This depends on the length and complexity of your paper. In some cases papers are ready for you in a few hours. Then there are items such as dissertations that might take a few months. Most papers are ready within a few days. Remember that we can put a rush on urgent requests.

How do I make a Payment?

You will be asked to make your payment upon placing your order. We accept all standard forms of payment. If you’ve made any kind of online purchase before, you’ll be able to arrange payment quickly and easily. Please remember that your order cannot be processed until you pay.

Questions about our writers

What Are Your Writers’ Qualifications?

All of our writers are English speaking, and have been educated at universities in Australia, Canada, or Great Britain. They possess at least a master's degree or its equivalent. In addition to this, we also perform background checks, subject applicants to a stringent writing exam, and our writer’s training program. When they finish, they are more than able to tackle any assignment. Finally, we match each request with a writer who is best qualified to write on that subject.

Questions about our guarantees

Is my Information Safe?

Absolutely, we have very strict policies about data retention and security. We also work with a third party service provider to ensure that all financial transactions are encrypted and secured. In addition to this, we will never furnish your personal or financial information to anybody else.

What Happens if I am Not Happy?

Please let us know if you are unhappy in any way. We will work hard to make things right. At our discretion, we might even offer a credit towards a future order. For revision information, please see our policy on that.

Can I Get a Money Back Guarantee?

As a general rule we do not offer refunds. We will offer discounts and credits when we deem it to be appropriate. There are rare cases when we will offer a refund, however that is at our discretion. The exception to this rule is if there is evidence that a paper is not completely original. Fortunately, because each of our documents is subject to a plagiarism scanning process, this has never been an issue.

How do I Know This Isn’t a Paper You’ve Already Sold to Other Students?

Every paper is written from scratch and then discarded from our system once they have been downloaded by our client. We follow customer’s instructions fully and will even use the specific sources that they request. For further proof, we will provide a plagiarism scan report upon request.