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At EssayRoo.org, we are used to the words, “Please write and type my essay.” And we always say “yes,” because we always have someone who is perfectly qualified to do just that.

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Typing the Essay is Important, but so is What Goes Before That

When we get a request to “type my essay for me,” we always have to ask our student customers what specific services they want from Essay Roo. Usually it falls into one of the following categories:

  1. They have written an essay but are unsure about the quality. In this instance “type my paper” or essay means that they want one of our professional writers to look it over, provide some editing and proofreading and then type up the final draft according to the format style required by their instructor or professor.
  2. They have written an essay or paper and are unsure about the format for citations, imbedding quotes, and the correct forms for the title page, table of contents, headings, and bibliography. We perform all of these tasks and ensure that everything is according to the instructor’s specifications.
  3. Sometimes when we are asked to type an essay, it means to write the entire piece from scratch. We are happy and absolutely able to do that as well, because we have expert writers in any academic discipline. And it will be structured and formatted exactly as each customer directs.

We want all of our customers to have great written work to turn into their professors, and at the university level of study, this is really important. So, when one of our writers gets a task to provide the typing of an essay or paper s/he will make a point of correcting any grammar, sentence structure, agreement or mechanical problems that are found. This is just a part of our writing service that comes naturally to our pros.

Prices for Getting an Essay or Paper Typed

The prices we charge for this kind of service vary quite a bit, depending on what the customer really wants and, of course, the length and complexity of the work to be typed. A simple essay, for example, that may have a couple of resource citations and a basic format (MLA, APA, Chicago or Turabian) will be far less per page than a doctoral dissertation with many charts, graphs, lengthy quotes and up to 70-80 resource citations and other notes in appendices.

So, you see, the pricing has to be individually assigned, based upon the type of product, where you are in your level of study, and the amount of data that must be reported in visual form. Setting up tables and charts takes a lot of extra time, and we want to compensate our professional writers/typists appropriately for their time and efforts.

You Must be Very Specific

Just as when Essay Roo pros write your essay or paper, your order must give us the detail we need. For Australian universities, for example, MLA and APA are usually the preferred style formats. But we have to know exactly which one and if your instructor has veered from that style at all.

The other thing about universities, and Australia is no different, is that within individual departments, structure and formats will vary. Be certain that you know which style each of your departments requires.

We are Here at All Hours

It may be in the wee hours of the morning when you finish your writing and need a typist. It doesn’t matter to us. We stay open around the clock to accommodate not just Aussie students, but students around the world as well. And we will always be able to locate an expert typist who can meet an urgent deadline. Don’t be afraid to get online and speak to us at any time. We are the most reliable writing service because we will always take care of you.

Come over to the one service that everyone knows is fully legit. We can do your typing, but we can do so much more than that. We are a student’s “one-stop shop” for anything related to academic writing.