Tools of Product Manager

Posted: August 19, 2016



            Project management tools have essential ability to assist in planning, organizing, and help take good care of resource equipment as well as establishing resource approximation. Depending on the intricacy of the software being used, a lot of project activities can be accomplished which are inclusive of scheduling programs, estimation, and resource allocation , collaboration of software, communication, and decision making among other crucial activities that relate to project management. Apparently, many PC and browser-based tools that are geared as best project managements software are available, and they are penetrating their way into almost every single institution (Braglia & Frosolini, 2014). 

            Microsoft, Zoo, Bambam, and Basecamp projects are four software programs that are currently mostly adopted for the use of project management. While there are many other optional methods concerning how these methods are supposed to be applied, no one has certainly used single project software and has pinpointed which single software is the best for project management. Therefore, this paper will present a complete comparison between the four software programs. The paper is going to present a complete comparison against the programs above.

Task management

Just like the zoo, Bambam, and Basecamp projects, Microsoft Project is excellent in defining a task, creating a schedule within which the project should be accomplished. Precisely, it has the utmost preferred and pervasive elements with regard to project management software (Schwalbe, 2015). It as well offers most complex functionality for those who are undertaking projects in defining, allocating and establishing deadline and enabling estimation of hours needed for a given task to be accomplished. If a person uses a more sophisticated based version of the project, one is then capable of monitoring assignments list, take note of time they have spent on accomplishing each task, and finally mark the task as done (Schwalbe, 2015). On the same note, Zoo is project management programs that assists in planning work and keep on tracking one’s progress. besides, in case more than one person is involve in carrying out the project, the program allows for easy communication,  forum discussion and always let them stay updated hence this makes it appear to be slightly appropriate in terms of project management compared to Microsoft project. In addition to this, the program helps a person to plan projects with a lot of ease through enabling task listing which in turn helps an individual to organize and consolidate complex projects into units that are easily manageable. With this concept still, the program allows for refined regulation of subtasks, recurrent assignments and managing dependencies (Page, Liechty, Huynh, & Udall, 2014).

Keep tracking of time

            Microsoft is an essential instrument in the avionic field schedule which is more involved with data suspense, project components as well as action element. It appears to be so important when it comes to complex projects. In this case enables the space for action items and the monitoring of workflow carried out by different groups. Microsoft project is highly intuitive software which is very significant in both management and collaboration. As it was meant to be to be capable of assessing timeline for the whole software, Microsoft Project is capable of benefiting and streamlining collaborative conferences. 


Getting in-depth insights

            When an individual is using software project the factor he has to consider is whether the project tool will be able to solve he needs regarding the task to be done. . Working in structured management in order to acquire the best management outcome, Microsoft tool been needed to for almost weekly collaborations. Avionic projects lead as well as duty allocation Microsoft software has proved the best it pro vides the best insights analysis and testing of projects plans. It is a tool that is capable of outlining Microsoft appears to the leading among all these three tools. The tool allows for outline between the whole projects programs through its feature which proves to be highly fundamental and the tool has been able to realize a key role of in depth analysis in conjunction with other components that are used for task monitoring and documents changes (Boumahdi & Chalal, 2014).

Documents and file storage

            Basecamp tool in its file and documents section allows users to organize visually and consolidate Google documents, images, organize PDFs or any other file into manageable folders so as any team member can easily see and access them at a time of need in at their own time and without aid from anybody. Additionally, Basecamp enables centralized schedule it keeps programs of all principal milestones and do- dos, as well as the date of document formation, is clearly seen. As mention prior, BamBam is not a popular project management tool option, yet that does not suggest that it is not efficient (Sajad, Sadiq, Naveed & Iqbal, 2016).  The tool does not limit the number of projects an individual can accomplish nor does it limit regulate the capacity of disk space that is available for usage. The storage app. tracks and test documents as they are being installed or rather fixed. Moreover, the the tool traces changes that possible can influence documents by tracking their code alterations. The tool ensures that in case the projects is meant for or carried out by many a team; then they are able to get the last form of project documents.  It it can be linked to online document tool which facilitates working together on all sorts of documents such as spreadsheets. The employees, consultants, clients among other parties are able to work together on same document by the aid of collaboration tool. From backlinks, custom permission, email notification

Message boards and comment threads.

            From the early 1970s a number of project management tools have been explored in varied ways of software development techniques (Sajad, Sadiq, Naveed & Iqbal, 2016).  The ones that have succeeded in accomplishing postulated goals have been adopted and widely utilized by individuals, groups, and institutions. Some have been used to accomplish stereotypical projects which involve stereotypical programming techniques. Starting with Microsoft in relation to message board it has been applied to bigger and complex project which has seen the software’s lasting outlook due to its dynamism nature. Despite the fact that Microsoft tool has been recommended by several users, it has some critical drawbacks such as inflexibility in terms of face evolving requirements which could facilitate message board and enable those who are handling the projects come into contact when at the hour of need. According to Sajad, Sadiq, Naveed & Iqbal (2016) they state case changes are made to accommodate these features it could be so costly.  Basecamp threads maintains a discussion on topics as well as in the required context so that the entire concept remains same and stays together in a manner that it does not pose any difficulty in tracing the work.

            In summary, someone might as what is the appropriate project management tool for an individual, a team or an institution? As in related to any area, the choice of any given tool to put in use majorly depends on a person’s need and the type of projects to be carried out. Some people would like to choose a single project management tool that can offer a portion of functionality in many diverse areas of the task or a project in the whole. Or rather a manager could be looking for a very compact and single tasking management tool for the significant areas such as time tracking or issue management hence this may influence a choice of a project tool. Similarly, some people would wish to use tool that will enable internal team through management in relation to task and the workflow of the project, or even a tool that might permit outside stakeholders to be able to access the project and understand what is taking palace concerning the project. All these factors influence the type of tool that can be adopted by a person or team in handling out their projects. It entirely depends on an individual’s view of a certain project management tools.