​New Zealand Culture

Posted: September 07, 2016

New Zealand has vast cultural accessories and in all this, they inherited from the other nation’s culture. With the appropriate settlements of people in the island of the Pacific, it is cited as an island that was recently occupied by a multilingual people since only one tribe occupied it. With the existence of the many communities in the region, the region developed faster concerning multiculture and grew into a cosmopolitan state where vast communities were represented (Fletcher et.al, 64). In all this the culture and tribe that formed the genesis/ the epicenter of the region (Maori) still lived on and with the invasion of colonial rules and the development in the region, the state has grown into a multicultural culture (Fletcher et.al,67). The region having developed into a great region of which vastness and prosperity are the language spoken across. Globalization and new ventures have been launched in the region making it a part of the great society of the nations that are on the optimistic venture of succession. With all this, it has continued in the growth due to many reasons that have made it famous among the people and investors Kiwi being the icon for the nation. These reasons include, the strategic position that the region is, as an island in the Pacific and the weather condition of the region has made it favorable for much-investing companies to take their share from the enjoyment.

Individualism and collectivity

The culture that exists in the region of New Zealand is one that over the years been part of the people in which it could have in some case resonated from the Chinese who make the larger population of the region. They have dominated the region and their existence in the region have made them establish their networks across the region and opened companies to operate. The individualism theory is the one that is notably likely to exist in the region of New Zealand making the region a nucleotide region. In explanation, individualism can be explained regarding the family relation hence, for a family, the individualism culture exists such that it only include an individual, parents, and children it does not expand to the brother sister and the rest (Decker, 49). It exists in many of the nations such as Europe, North America, and in Australia. It is also part of the New Zealand community. In the above, it is notably important to add that in the likeliness of individualism it comes with a phrase that perfectly describes it that is “I’ll keep my distance” making it a form of not minding others business.

Collectivism culture is the culture that organizes a society into one block making people live in a cluster form of settlement (Heidelberg,77). This is that which define moral stance of the community and the philosophy of politics that exist within a people (Semenova, Mariya, 58). In some of the existing facts it is in the rest of the nations that practices the culture of grouping together and swearing an allegiance to the group hence not necessarily an oath that will bind him/her to the group with no choice but a people who are dedicated to the importance of grouping moved by their instincts. Collectivism comes with certain characteristics including the following:

  • The culture is defined by the importance of the relationship that you have with someone else over the task importance.
  • The loss of face is part of the existence in the collectivism
  • There is always an indirect communication in this type of culture.
  • Existing in one group makes you vow your allegiance to only that group, not any other group.
  • Group’s opinion is more important rather than an individual opinion.

Power distance

The power distance is the difference of power between a person on the top and the employee (Pieter, 89). This in an individualism Society (New Zealand) is always reduced leading to low power distance between the authority and the people. This is characterized by relative power across people. In an environment like the New Zealand, people tend to have in possession of power by reducing the powers of the management and employees making it not obvious that they possess power more than the employees. The characteristics of such rule include the following:

  • In such a society authority can be challenged.
  • This form of power holding encourages a legitimate method of power use.

Uncertain Avoidance

This is the country is on the verge of avoiding the uncertainty hence they live in the discomfort of trying to evade the uncertain occurrences. In nations like Germany they do not have much time to care about the uncertain parts of life, which in this they planned everything on the right so as to avoid the uncertain and unrealizable truth of the occurrences. With proper planning, many nations have found a way of evading the unknown parts of life while nations like the US are still placed at the weighing scale on the issue of uncertainty leaving them at the mercies of the national culture. New Zealand has been in the low planning hence making it vulnerable to the uncertain occurrences that occur in the process.

Quality of life

The real essence of the life in the New Zealand is such that, the peoples way of life have been in the success and the mercies of the companies that have arisen in the region. For the people who lived in the region, holding the same culture, it is inevitable that the creativity of the people and the culture be transferred to the new race that is always on the verge of development in the region. The successes they have achieved in the region have been contributed by many of the new entrants. The existence of the Chinese in the region has made it possible since they have brought in their technology making it known and vast in the eyes of the original founders of the region.


The development and the ethical existence of the New Zealand people only depend on them. It is a high time that they are a better and community served so they might achieve the best regarding developing their people and releasing the people to a better future.