Early Immigrants to Australia

Posted: August 14, 2016

The early immigrants in various nations have no doubt influenced the social, economic, and political aspects of the countries in question. The United States of America and Australia are perfect examples of nations that have suffered the consequences of immigration. I agree with D Johnson’ post regarding immigration given the historical facts that show current ethnic composition in Australia. To begin with, it is indeed true that Australia was at one point inhabited by various groups of people ranging from convicts, soldiers as well as victims of the Australian gold rush. It is through coming up with laws to prevent future flooding of immigrants to the country that has reduced the immigration level.

            It is also true that the United States of America had a different experience going by her historical experiences with immigrants. Whereas most immigrants in Australia were ex-convicts and soldiers, American immigrants were mostly slaves from Africa who were fetched with the aim of working in the American industries.

            Today, however, the both nations are suffering similar consequences of immigration witnessed many centuries ago (Archdeacon, 1984, pp. 34-45). A good fraction of Australian population comprise immigrants with many cases of immigrant parents witnessed the same has been witnessed in the United States. Moreover, both nations have been keen as to come up with measures to restrict entry of foreigners into their boundaries. One of the major measures taken by both the nations is insisting on the use of visas to access their countries. The policies have not, however, been yielding as expected and much effort still needs to be imparted if better results are to be seen.

            In conclusion, I agree with the post as it reflects the real situation witnessed in both America and Australia concerning immigration of people into the countries and the consequences of such a move.