Why is Sydney Opera House a Unique Place


Essay on Sydney opera unique place

Sydney Opera House, on Bennelong Point in Sydney Harbour is one of the most unique and impressive buildings you will visit.

Conversely, one of the main things that make this building unique is the fact that it is so popular. Tourists flock to Sydney Opera House in their droves, even those who have no interest in opera will be there – purely to see the actual building. There are so many tourists now, that the opera house needs help with assignment of all of those tourists so they can see the building they’ve travelled for miles to see without interrupting the performances for opera fans.

Although the above is an interesting point to note, it is arguable that to gain such notoriety, the Sydney Opera House already had to be unique to attract such high levels of tourism. This is mainly down in part to the impressive structure itself.

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The building provides an impressive 11 acres of usable space housed in only 4.5 acres of land. It is 120 metres wide at its widest point and measure a huge 183 metres in height. Impressive!

The roof is made up of over one million Swedish tiles that are pristine white in colour and self cleaning. These tiles make up the illusion of the sails of a ship, which is what Sydney Opera House most closely resembles.

The huge structure is support on 580 concrete plinths which extend which sink down to 25 metres below sea level, and it uses the amount of electricity equivalent to that of a settlement of 25,000 people! This is achieved with an eye watering 645 kilometres of cable.

The inside of the building is equally unique and impressive. It is decorated with a mixture of white birch wood and pink granite, both of which are locally sourced from New South Wales.

It contains an almost unimaginable 1,000 rooms! These rooms include public areas such as five theatres and five rehearsal studios, two main halls for shows, six bars, four restaurants and more souvenir shops than you could ever wish for!

It is easy to see why Sydney Opera House is known as one of the most unique buildings in the world, and it is equally easy to see why so many people go to Sydney Harbour just to see it with their own eyes in its all of it glory!