Infographic: History of Famous Domains


We all know what our favourite websites host now, thanks to the way we're always online nowadays. However, look back just ten years ago, and the internet was a very different place. We rarely shopped online, ordered our taxis on the phone, and had barely heard of the term 'social media'.

Curious to see what your favourite sites looked like back in the internet's infancy? Here's how some of the world's most popular sites looked like in the 90's and Noughties, before they were turned into the mega popular sites you use today. These infographics were brought to you by Essayroo Australian writing service.

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History of Famous Domains by

Before it was Facebook, in 2005 it was AboutFace, a site for web and intranet database software. A far cry from the social hub it has become today. today is another way to reach Facebook, but back in 2002 the site belonged to the American Farming Bureau, delivering news to America's farmers.

The Noughties were a booming time for social websites like Myspace and Facebook, and Uber was no exception in 2008. Today you'll know it as the popular taxi app.

Today we know Dropbox as an online cloud server, but it hasn't strayed too far from its roots. In 1997, it was an email server.

The Apple cloud page has very humble beginnings, starting out as the personal page of an Ed Tech professor in 2007.

Today we know Android as Google's mobile platform, but back in 2002 it was the web page for a film and television development company of the same name.

Outlook today is the home of Microsoft's popular email platform. In 1996, it was the home page for strategic analyst Andrew Seybold.

Way back in 2000, this site was advertised as 'technology and services for the internet'. What a long way the internet has come since then!

Viber today is a messaging and calls app that can let you call anyone. Back in 2004 it was distinctly different, being an adults only site.

In 2005, Bing was a device that discreetly informed you if your phone was ringing, and somewhat ahead of its time. Today, it's Microsoft's search engine.

Rather than the popular news site, in 1998 this domain belonged to The Movie Palace, offering news and info on all the latest movies.

in 2007, this site belonged to the Internet Phone Company, proudly showing off phones that 'played music'. The modern iPhone can do decidedly more than that!