Events That Shaped Australia (With Timeline)


Events that shaped Australian history

Australia has been a hotbed of activity for around 400 years, when early explorers first found a shore that they'd never seen before. Once they settled in this new land, the historically significant events came thick and fast. In fact, Australia is still making history to this day. As a student, or someone that's looking into paid essay writing, you should know what's made our country the way it is today. Here's some of the most significant events that have shaped our country.

1770: In this year, Lieutenant James Cook, sailing on the Endeavour, makes sight of the Eastern coast of Australia. He names it New South Wales, and claims it in the name of Britain.

1788: The first white colony settles in New South Wales, lead to their new home by Captain Arthur Philip. These colonists travel in the 'First Fleet'.

1808: The NSW Governor William Bligh was deposed in Sydney by the NSW Corps in a military coup, supported by the people of Sydney. This became known as the 'Rum Rebellion'.

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1829: Britain claims Western Australia, and by do so have control over the entire continent. Governor John Hindmarsh claims the area with a group of settlers and an Act of Parliament.

1846: Aboriginal people are granted the power to live and hunt on their own land by the British government. However, this ruling is mostly ignored by settlers, causing unrest.

1851: The largest strike of gold is made in New South Wales and Victoria, leading to the biggest unplanned wave of migration that the country has ever seen.

1858: Two schoolboy teams take part in the very first recorded game of Australian Rules Football.

1868: Australia sees the end of convict transportation to the country when the Hougoumont.

1890 - 1892: The Australian Labor Party emerges after an economic depression and a series of strikes.

1894: Women gain the power to vote for the first time.

1923: Vegemite is introduced as a competitor to Marmite. Despite its popularity today, it took a while to catch on.

1967: Indigenous Australians are finally given full constitutional rights.

2010: Julia Gillard becomes the first female prime minister of Australia. She forms a Labor government after striking a deal with the Greens and Independents.

In a short amount of time, you can see that Australia has gone through some significant changes in order to become the country we live in today.