Why Forest Fires Are So Dangerous in Australia


Why forest fires are so dangerous in Australia essay

Forest fires are dangerous for many reasons in Australia, and as the weather gradually gets warmer and drier year on year, the frequency at which they occur is on the rise.

Forest fires can severely ravage an area, leaving it uninhabitable for its previous residents including both human life and wildlife. This means that in some cases, certain species end up having to move on to climates and habitats that are not ideal for them.

They can even lead to some species becoming endangered and even extinct as the fires continue to ruin their homes and kill them in their thousands. This can then lead to an imbalance in the natural order of an area which can have a devastating effect on the land. When one species becomes dormant, its prey can rise up and this isn’t always a good thing. Sometimes, the new dominant species can be more destructive to the area than its predecessor.

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Nature creates a balance to keep natural order and each species, both plant and animal, are essential to keeping that order. When the system breaks down as a result of a forest fire, the imbalance can have serious long term effects.

As we look for more rural settings to build our homes, the forest fires can also have a devastating effect on human life. From our homes and possessions being lost, down to potentially losing our lives, forest fires are a growing danger for many new settlements.

It is believed that in certain circumstances, forest fires are actually nature’s way of keeping the balance, but as our carbon footprint grows and we change the climate in a way that’s both unnatural and dangerous, these fires are now out of control and are occurring in places and at times that was never nature’s intention. And with the constraints of budget, we are often losing control of these fires as the resources just aren’t there. This means that we are systematically destroying our own (and others’) eco-systems.

As the dangers increase, often down to human interference in nature, many educational institutes are starting to highlight concerns in this area. Online essay service is reporting more and more instances of students requesting papers on this area, so hopefully, we are not too late to at least educate the next generation of the dangers of forest fires and bushfires in Australia, and hopefully get the situation under some sort of control.