Persuasive Essay About Cyber Bullying


Cyber bullying persuasive essay

Table of contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body paragraphs
  3. Conclusion

When you’re considering writing a persuasive essay about cyber bullying, it’s easy to determine that it’s not something anyone’s in favour of. You don’t need to argue the pros and cons of this one. But that actually makes your job a little harder, because you will then need to think about definitions – what exactly is cyber bullying? – and solutions to the problem.

You could go for the relatively straightforward topic of ‘why it is important to stop cyber bullying.’ Alternatively, you could consider various solutions to cyber bullying and write your persuasive essay about the merits of one or another method. You could also think about preventing cyber bullying in the first place, and what steps social media sites would need to take in order for that to happen. You’ll need to consider who you’re writing any one of these topics for, whether that’s students themselves, teachers, parents, or simply concerned individuals who may be witnesses. Here’s a few samples of focus statements.

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Introduction examples

Thesis: It is important to stop cyber bullying because everyone should have the right to use social media without being harassed.

Thesis: Cyber bullying has lasting effects on the lives of both the bullied person and the bully and can indeed lead to suicide or murder if steps are not taken swiftly to intervene.

Hook & Thesis: If you think your child couldn’t be a bully, think again. Now more than ever, it’s likely that the average student is involved in cyber bullying, whether bullying, being bullied, or witnessing bullying take place. The solutions lie with you as a parent to intervene before it’s too late.

As you move into the body of your essay, look back at your thesis. You want to defend all the statements you made within it, so quickly outline your arguments and the evidence that goes along with them, before you start writing. Then take your arguments one by one, making sure that if you have any concessions to make to another point of view, you’re also including that in the essay.

Body paragraphs example

Body: Cyber bullying often isn’t only taking place on the internet but in ‘real life’ as well. Bullies may be engaging in similar behaviour on the playground as they do online, so if you are a teacher or a parent, it’s important to watch for visible signs of physical abuse as well as emotional. If a student appears to be shunned by nearly the whole class, or if your child has always been positive and upbeat but suddenly appears to withdraw or will not show you what he or she is doing on their phone, there’s a good chance bullying may be involved. Cyber bullying, however, isn’t just opportunistic bullying, but aimed and targeted, often with the goal of completely destroying the person it is aimed at by driving them to suicide. It’s vital that you intervene to stop this while you can.

As you come to a conclusion, remind your audience of the points you want them to remember, and close by asking them to consider what action they can take.

Conclusion example

Conclusion: Cyber bullying goes beyond the school yard in an attempt to harm every part of a child’s life. Intervene as soon as you can when you see the signs, and you may save your student or child a great deal of distress, and perhaps even their life.